Bravo Industries, LLC (“Bravo”) is a defense and logistics group with primary operations in Latin America. Bravo and its subsidiaries, including Bravo Defesa, Bravo Cargas, and Bravo MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul), are uniquely positioned to become industry leaders due to Bravo’s strategic relationships with large multinational companies and counterparties, sustainable business plan, experienced and innovative management team, and keen understanding of the Latin American operating arena. Bravo executives cultivate a culture of compliance, delivering customers reliable, principled, and cost-effective solutions to achieve a better tomorrow for local economies, businesses, and people. Bravo is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia (USA).

1001 19th Street North, 12th floor
Arlington, VA 22209, U.S.A.
Corporate: (+1) 571 384 7120
Media: (+1) 202 836 8960

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